Corey Taylor Talks 07/11/20 Guest: Patrick Dati

Corey Taylor Talks 07/11/20 Guest: Patrick Dati

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The fourth and final installment of KillerKast, featuring special guest Patrick Dati, and his experience with John Wayne Gacy. The sincerest of thank yous to Mr. Dati for taking the time out of his day to speak with me and share his story.

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Patrick Dati on “Far From Normal” Radio Show

Patrick Dati on “Far From Normal” Radio Show

The “Far From Normal” Radio Show with Jay Moss, Bud Veno, Randy Scott Davis and Neil Shelton with our guest Patrick Dati.

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Patrick Dati on The Dr. Denise Show

Patrick DatiChild Abuse Survivor-Author-Speaker-Advocate Patrick Dati on The Dr. Denise Show

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Patrick Dati: author, motivational speaker talks with Dr. Denise McDermitt pertaining to male victims of abuse. Dati tells the audience, Don’t be ashamed of your story. It will inspire others! I was a victim of sexual assault and as a gay man decided to keep it a secret from shame and fear. Now I’m a survivor speaking out for others. The Doctor Denise show introduces you to doctors, experts (survivors), and pioneers in the world of mental health who are committed to a paradigm progression in healing from trauma.

Dati speaks with The Advocate Magazine

Advocate Logo
June 1, 2017
This Gay Man Breaks the Silence on His Domestic Abuse Horror Story

Intimate partner violence is a serious yet oft-ignored issue facing LGBT people, says the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs. To help break the cycle, Patrick Dati shares his experience.

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Windy City Times

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June 1, 2017
Windy City Times
Patrick Dati raises voice against domestic abuse

After coming out, Patrick Dati fell for a man who seemed great at first, but later began physically abusing him.

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Patrick Dati joins the Elite Speaker’s Bureau

Elite Speakers Bureau logo
March 2017
Patrick Dati joins the Elite Speaker’s Bureau

Author, Anti-Violence Advocate and Motivational Speaker Patrick Dati Teams Up With Renowned Domestic Violence Expert Denise Brown to Address Domestic Abuse Impacting Gay and Straight Men and LGBTQ People

Dati Signs on with Brown’s “The Elite Speaker’s Bureau” as its First Gay Male Survivor to Speak on Domestic Violence

To learn more or book Patrick;

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Obama to Dati: “I stand with you.”

August 16, 2016
President Obama responds to letter from Dati

Obama Letter to Dati

Patrick Dati on Windy City Live!

September 21, 2014
Windy City Live/ABC7 Chicago
Child Predators: How to Protect Your Child

“On this special show titled, “Child Predators: How to Protect Your Child,” we were joined by Patrick Dati, who had a horrifying encounter with serial killer John Wayne Gacy when he was only 9 years old, and lived to talk about it.”

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Patrick Dati: The Sitdown

August 7, 2014
Chicago Sun-Times
The Sitdown: Patrick Dati, anti-bullying advocate and child abuse prevention spokesperson

“The lifelong Chicagoan was 9, he says, when late serial killer John Wayne Gacy raped him in a restroom of Goldblatt’s department store on Belmont near Central in the winter of 1973. He kept the deeply scarring and life-altering incident secret for three-and-a-half decades and recently included a detailed account of it in his self-published memoir “I Am Me: Survivor of Child Abuse and Bullying Speaks Out.” Now he’s an advocate for victims of bullying and abuse, teaching them by example how to “reclaim” their lives.”

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