Patrick Dati Speaks

Patrick cares, so Patrick speaks out! He cares about anyone who was sexually abused as a kid. He cares about anyone who was bullied. Patrick cares about anyone who has ever had to hide who he or she really is. Pat’s motto: “NO MORE HIDING. NO MORE FEAR.”

His message is simple: You and Me Can Stop Bullies. Together, we can overcome the hiding cause by abuse and bullying. Patrick speaks from experience. He was your typical abuse statistics. But after years of depression and attempted suicide and hiding he found his voice and tells his story.

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Child Abuse Survivor – No More Hiding, No More Fear!

Patrick describes how his childhood rape by notorious serial killer John Wayne Gacy, and the subsequent bullying by an older brother resulted in his fear to acknowledge who he was. He talks about the danger and long-term consequences of not telling, of hiding sexual abuse, of hiding bullying, and how that resulted in living his life to please everyone except himself. Patrick talks about the value of finally opening up and telling the truth about how you want to live your life—who you really are. He also talks about the cathartic process of turning his diary into a book that will help fellow victims proclaim “I AM ME.”

Domestic Violence – I Deserve Respect!

As a male advocate for ending domestic abuse, Patrick believes domestic violence is not just a woman’s issue, it’s everyone’s issue. In his moving personal memoir, I AM ME, and in his powerful presentations, Patrick describes the painful domestic verbal abuse he endured from ex-wives and the physical abuse he suffered from his first LGBT partner.

Sibling Bullying – Boys Will Be Boys!

Patrick talks about his relationship with his older brother, his bully and maybe, just maybe, what was going on! Patrick talks about his childhood friendship with another boy. When others see the boy is obviously gay and starts bullying him, Patrick sides with those others and bullies the friend he cared for so much.

Coming Out – Coming Home!

Patrick talks about his life journey; about hiding most of his life to please others. This long journey of self- acceptance helped Patrick realize he is lovable just the way he is. Patrick tells the story of a boy’s relationship with his mom and the moment of truth they shared. Patrick talks about a childhood friend he bullied because the other bullies labeled him as gay and what happened when they met in a gay bar many years later. And he talks about how he was afraid to accept the love offered by two wonderful men. He describes the pain of letting them go and going back into the closet.