Patrick has found his life path and has chosen a life of service. He is dedicated to helping boys and male adult survivors of rape and bullying. He is using his time on this earth to speak out and help heal others from crimes that have been hidden away in society for many years. All this takes an enormous amount of courage and personal empowerment to break free from family and cultural expectations and judgement. Patrick is a true survivor of heinous crimes and possesses the hard won wisdom that comes with facing sexual violation head on in therapy and working through the pain to a point where you can take that voice of healing out into the world and say ‘the violence must stop’.

Jenny Weston
Founder and author of Nourishment for Difficult Times
A web based service for women survivors of abuse

Patrick is a forthright advocate against bullying. He has endured a life of pain and humiliation that has given him great empathy for those who are yet being treated inhumane. When you have lived through pain and learned to forgive you have peace in your spirit that allows you to not want to see others hurt. The most painful hurt comes from a family member; especially if that family member is your older brother. Patrick has endured the pain from his brother and now wants to help others to know you can live a healthy, wholesome life without the love or support of your sibling. You learn to love them and forgive them always hoping inside your spirit that one day they will come to their senses and love you back as a brother or sister.

I am glad to know Patrick as a friend and little brother. I know the pain he has endured and I am glad that he has chosen to take the high road to victory, joy and peace.

Loren C Due, Ph.D., DMin.
Author, “Teddy Bear: Stolen Innocence”
and “Shhh… Don’t Say a Word About This! Exposing and Confronting Sexual Perversion!”
Soon to be released: “Masturbation Liberation, Cheating Pastors and Sex in the Bible!”

Mr. Patrick Dati is a humanitarian and true champion for the fight against anti-bullying prevention, violence prevention, and for the protection of one’s civil rights. He lends himself at any time of the day to listen to a child in need, or a victim that seeks support against the intolerance of others. I fully endorse this champion for any event, program, or appearance that one could benefit from his vast experiences on life sessions.

Dr. Claudio V. Cerullo
President/Founder of Teach Antibullying, Inc.

It is not often you meet someone personally whose courage is simply immense. I have recently had to pleasure of doing so: I met Patrick Dati. Upon meeting Patrick you are instantly struck by a genuine warmth which is contagious. When you hear Patrick’s story of courage and perseverance, you are humbled. Patrick, my son and I share a common bond. We want to rid the world of bullies — bullies who prey on the innocent, bullies whose self-esteem is only lifted by tearing others down and bullies whose ignorance make them predators. Patrick’s book and his life’s work is vital. He has the support and endorsement of Jack and Ann James! We are proud to stand tall with him! Bullies Beware!

Ann Morgan James
Author and Speaker, “Jack’s Mom” and “How to Raise a Millionaire

Patrick Dati, a gentleman, an open heart with a personal story of tragic sexual abuse and bullying both at home and at the hands of strangers. Through remarkable strength, he has now finally come forward and unloaded all of this pain through his writing and hopes to publish his story so that others might find the courage to confront their abusers. He is an activist for justice and an advocate for the abused, driven to help others along their journey of making sense of it all.

In addition to publishing his story, Patrick’s goal is to motivate others to stand up and speak out against bullying through lectures and other media events. It is my pleasure to be able to have this wonderful opportunity of work with both he and Dr. Cerullo, this partnership is one of strength resilience and compassion. Thanks you both for this wonderful opportunity.

Helen LaLousis

Patrick Dati exemplifies how a victim can learn to harness painful emotional energy, and use that energy to cultivate a meaningful and timely mission and purpose. Determined to put a stop to bullying, Patrick is making a difference in countless lives every day.

Mark D. Lerner, Ph.D.
President, Institute for Traumatic Stress

Patrick Dati is strong and is a survivor. He certainly knows how it is to grow with abuse by his peers. A great guy with a great message.

Elizabeth Bennett, M.Ed
Author, Speaker and Consultant

Patrick Dati is a very pro active advocate for the abused. I met him online at Facebook through varies groups where he was promoting his website and anti-bullying message. Patrick has risen above his circumstances, bringing hope and encouragement to those who have been facing varies types of abuses. He is a ‘voice’ for the abused, I am proud to be associated with Patrick, his work is amazing!

Lela Albert
Victim Advocate and Criminal Justice Student